What I’m Crunching — August 20, 2023

Book I’m Reading

Dr. Heiser went to be with the Lord in February of 2023. He left behind an incredible body of work in the form of essays, books, podcasts, videos, etc. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring his unique worldview which he has called the “Divine Council Worldview.”

Dr. Heiser’s podcast, The Naked Bible Podcast, has a large listener base and is quite approachable. Heiser walked through entire books of the Bible chapter by chapter, expositing each passage and allowing Scripture to be its own commentary.

Heiser disliked systematic theology, preferring Biblical theology instead. He often mentioned how systematic theologies inevitably can’t adequately deal with certain sections of Scripture, because they’re trying to put a rigid framework around Scripture. This, in his view, results in the theologian having to ignore, explain away, or otherwise do a disservice to the “problematic” portions of the Bible.

The Unseen Realm is Heiser’s most popular book. In it, he proves that the Bible inherently promotes a supernatural worldview. I’ve read several of his shorter books and finally made it to this chunkier tome.

Podcasts I’m Listening To

While traveling back from Honduras this week, I listened to an older episode of The Bitcoin Layer. This one featured Michael Saylor discussing the 24 risks of owning equities.

This episode hit me hard because of what Saylor says:

The human race keeps inventing and forgetting and inventing and forgetting.

So every new generation age 18-22 or 25 think they are going to do it better and they want to say, “I could run that company better, I could build that product better. If I was in charge of the city I could run it better, if I was in charge of the economy, if I ran the football league, if I invented the new game, if I invented the new product, if I was in charge of marketing I could do things better.”

What they don’t realize is they have this inventor bias. Bceause they invented it, it’s their idea, they think it’s beautiful and it’s a million times better than any other idea. They have an ignorance. They don’t understand all the ways that it won’t be better when it gets introduced.

I’ve had this mindset many times, especially over the last five years. But I see that God is growing a humility in me, over time, that I pray will produce fruit in the long run.

The 24 Risks of Equities with Michael Saylor

I also listened to the All-In Podcast, episode 142. Entertaining takes on “Rich Men North of Richmond” (instantly viral, hit song from Anthony Oliver), how the USA affords people from all strata of life a chance at upward mobility, and how the commercial real estate market is facing a capital crunch.

“Rich Men North of Richmond” hits #1, upward mobility, real estate capital crunch, Trump RICO

Tweets I’m Reading

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