Why Bitcoin?

I first asked myself this question in 2018. My search for the answer has led to several thousand hours of learning. Michael Saylor has said it takes the average person at least 100 hours of studying the Bitcoin network to understand it. I am either less intelligent than the average person or crazy (I’m betting on the first one); I have invested many weeks worth of time into understanding it.

Interestingly, Saylor has also said that no one who has studied Bitcoin for 100 hours still has a negative opinion about it.

In my conversations with folks who speak negatively about Bitcoin, they have basic gaps in their Bitcoin knowledge. They have not yet put in the work to understand it.

I aim to fill in those knowledge gaps by writing about Bitcoin in simple terms that are accessible to everyone. I will follow the flow of how I learned about it and came to adopt Bitcoin as my primary savings vehicle and store of value.

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