What I’m Crunching — Introduction

I’m what you could call an ‘infovore’; I love discovering and consuming information.

I read and consume for knowledge gathering, entertainment, insight on a problem I’m solving, and just generally because I enjoy it!

I’m beginning a weekly summary of the content I’m “crunching” — content that I’m consuming. It will vary across genres and mediums. It’ll include books, podcasts, videos, essays, etc.

I hope it’s interesting to you!

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What I’m Crunching — March 12, 2023

Book I’m Reading

The Network State, by Balaji Srinivasan. (It is free to read online at that link.)

Follow Balaji on Twitter @balajis or @TheNetworkState.

Incredibly thought-provoking book (I’m not finished yet) on what the next iteration of groupings of people will be. We’ve moved from city-state to nation-state…is the network state next?

Video I’m Watching

It’s amazing what technology has enabled in personal travel and logistics.

Podcast I’m Listening To

The Breakdown from March 11:
The 2nd Biggest Bank Failure In American History: Silicon Valley Bank Is No More:”
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