What I’m Crunching — September 3, 2023

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Taylor, Oliver, ‘Barbie,’ ‘Freedom’: Pondering 4 Summer Sensations (Brett McCracken)

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Another excellent conversation from Lex Fridman; this time with Neri Oxman. Oxman is a designer, engineer, scientist, and artist working on computational design, synthetic biology, and digital fabrication, previously at MIT, and now at OXMAN.

My favorite quote from Oxman was about creativity:

creativity is all about letting go and beginning again and beginning again and beginning again. And when you cannot let go, you cannot be creative and you can’t find novelty.

Another great section was her comment about achieving breakthroughs in various fields:

And I always believe in that kind of translational design ability to be able to see something through the lens of another and always allows you to think again, begin again, reestablish, redefine, suspend your disbelief, revisit. And when you revisit enough times like a hundred times or 200 times and you revisit the same question through the lens of any possible discipline and any possible scenario, eventually you get to the truth.

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