What I’m Crunching — May 7, 2023

Book I’m Reading

Our son Wyatt is long overdue for potty training, but having twins right when he hits the prime potty training age…well…yeah. Over the last ten days, we’ve jumped in!

This book provides a framework for how to potty train. Glowacki has worked with tens of thousands of parents and children. She’s encountered it all and has answers to every aspect of teaching your toddler to use the potty.

(If you decide to read it, this is your *language warning*.)

Video I’m Watching

I’ve been tracking Vivek Ramaswamy for several months now, and so far I like what I see. He’s announced he is running for the Republican Presidential nomination for the 2024 Presidential Election.

He has published “25 Policy Commitments to Take America First Further than Trump.

Quote I’m Pondering

“It is essential to realize that any group’s ethical, religious, and cultural traditions are not fossils or historical curiosities, to be retained or discarded at a whim; they are precious possessions that may spell the difference between choosing life and death. Thus, all men and women have a moral obligation to understand and uphold the positive, life-sustaining values of their particular culture and to transmit them to those who come after them—as well as to respect the different values of their neighbors. There are lessons for survival, whether physical or moral, which only a knowledge of one’s past, one’s traditions, and history, can teach.

—Yehuda Bauer

Tweets I’m Reading

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