What I’m Crunching — May 21, 2023

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What I Think Is Going On 1) with China-US Relations, 2) with Their Relations with Other Countries, and 3) in China (Ray Dalio via LinkedIn)

What Should Be Done About the Debt Ceiling Argument Between the Democrats and Republicans? (Ray Dalio via LinkedIn)

Solid thinking here from Ray Dalio, based on vast expertise and years of experience.

I applaud Ray’s emphasis on how important moderates are at this point in our nation’s history. We are firmly in an era of populism, and moderates have vanished. Populist periods often (looking at history, almost exclusively) end in some form of war, either external or civil. It would be so much better for our nation if we come back from the brink, and avoid war at all costs. To do that, the moderates must step up and push back against the extremes on the left and the right.

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