What I’m Crunching — June 30, 2024

Book I’m Reading

Our church is nearly one year into a pastoral transition. Our senior pastor of 33 years retired last August. The process has been both exciting and unsettling.

Serving on an 11-person transition team has given me opportunity to revisit work I’d done years ago to better understand the two biblical church offices: Elder and Deacon. This book on Deacons is well done, simple to understand, and quite comprehensive. I’d recommend it to anyone wanting a true-to-Scripture evaluation of the office of Deacon.

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Articles I’m Reading

Top aides shielded Biden from staff, but couldn’t hide the debate (Axios)

Debate debacle in Atlanta (R. Albert Mohler Jr.)

On Bitcoin

4th essay in the Gradually, Then Suddenly series from Parker Lewis.

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