What I’m Crunching — June 25, 2023

Quote I’m Pondering

“Should I, a professed Christian, called to be a saint, a child of God, a member of Christ, a temple of the Holy Ghost, should I be covetous, sensual, proud, or envious? Should I yield to impatience, discontent, or anger? Should I be slothful, unbelieving, or unmerciful? What effects will such conduct have upon others? All that God has done for us, or by us, or given to us, should lead us to watchfulness, self-denial, and diligence.”

Matthew Henry

Article I’m Reading

Podcast I’m Listening To

Another phenomenal episode from Lex Fridman. This time he’s interviewing one of the greatest venture capitalists of all time: Marc Andreessen. Marc is one of the founders of Andreessen Horowitz. He co-developed one of the first web browsers (Mosiac). One of his recent articles on AI drew much attention.

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