What I’m Crunching — June 16, 2024

Book I’m Reading

This book has been wrecking me this week. After a tough conversation with my coach, I started digging in. I’m guilty of excessive busyness, hurrying, and expecting everyone around me to do the same. It produces a toxicity that affects every area of my life. I see that now, and I’m (unhurriedly) working to fix it.

Here are two impactful quotes:

“I’m the guy angling at the stoplight for the lane with two cars instead of three; the guy bragging about being the “first to the office, last to go home”; the fast-walking, fast-talking, chronic-multitasking speed addict (to clarify, not that kind of speed addict).”

^ sadly, this is me…

“Hurry and love are incompatible. All my worst moments as a father, a husband, and a pastor, even as a human being, are when I’m in a hurry—late for an appointment, behind on my unrealistic to-do list, trying to cram too much into my day. I ooze anger, tension, a critical nagging—the antithesis of love.”

^ ouch, this is also me…

Looking forward to more value from this book in the days ahead.

Podcast I’m Listening To

During the WWDC conference this week, Apple announced “Apple Intelligence.” It’s their approach to working AI into their suite of products. Opinions are mixed as to the approach, especially where privacy is concerned.

This fairly technical blog post written by a few teams at Apple describes their new “Private Cloud Compute.”

Video I’m Watching

This is one of the sessions from missional.ai‘s 2024 conference. You can watch the replay videos here.

It is amazing to think about how AI reverses the scattering of the nations God did in Genesis 11.

Articles I’m Reading

White Paper – Plea for a Christian Artificial Intelligence (Éric Célérier)

How Christianity Invented Children (Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry)

On Bitcoin

3rd essay in the Gradually, Then Suddenly series from Parker Lewis.

Tweets I’m Reading

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