What I’m Crunching — July 23, 2023

Book I’m Reading

I was searching for a non-fiction work on Genghis Khan as I’ve wanted to read one for some time. My local library app had this audiobook available, but after getting a few minutes in I realized this was historical fiction! No matter, it hooked me. Pretty fast-paced, enjoyable listen.

Essay I’m Reading

Bitcoin is Not a Hedge (Parker Lewis)

There is no silver bullet to understanding bitcoin or a defined end point to learning; that is what makes it difficult. Understanding bitcoin is detached from any single world event or series of events. Instead, it requires a body of work. The mistake is not beginning the journey for fear of not finding the end point. Primed with knowledge, bitcoin is not a hedge to inflation; it is the solution to it. Without prior understanding, bitcoin can practically be neither.

Video I’m Watching

Tweets I’m Reading

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