What I’m Crunching — April 21, 2024

Book I’m Reading

This book is similar to the one from last week. I’m reading these to learn how the various technologies we use daily connect together. The best way I’ve found to understand connections is to understand the origin(s) of the individual pieces. This book is also scratching my itch for general knowledge.

There is great value in continuous learning in a variety of areas, even if they seem disconnected. Over time, all of these learnings compound and produce connections most other people won’t ever see. These connections make you a unique individual, able to plug into any conversation about most topics and bring value to people you otherwise wouldn’t have been able to.

Podcast I’m Listening To

I listen to Mohler’s podcast The Briefing daily and Friday’s episode had a good question and answer related to protestant denominations.

I like the quote Mohler referenced: religious freedom + religious conviction = denominations.

Article I’m Reading

The Great Rewiring of Childhood (Challies)

On Bitcoin

Speculative Attack (Rochard)

Here’s a helpful calculator showing various models of Bitcoin’s future price and the impact they would have on someone’s retirement:


Tweets I’m Reading

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