Think Long-Term

Why is it that gradual changes aren’t easily observed when we frequently check for them, but if we stop checking for a period of time, and then come back and look, the change is clearly visible?

If the air is humid and an open book is getting its pages damp and “curly,” and you’re looking at it daily, you may not notice it happening. But, if you leave for three days and come back and look, the change will be obvious and immediately noticeable.

How true this is in our lives too. Change takes time. Usually, life changes in small ways, sometimes unobservable ways, daily. But, over time those changes stack up and are amplified, such that they’re unmissable.

Optimists need to understand this: worthwhile changes take time to make and see.

Patient, persistent pushing toward our goals will result in huge changes over time. Don’t allow discouragement to creep in and don’t allow yourself to be disillusioned by the apparent slowness of progress toward the goals. The wheels are turning, God is working, and change is happening.

When you do see progress, celebrate it! Rejoice with your team, point it out, and capture that momentum toward your goal.

Think long-term.

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