David Platt – Thoughts after Election Day

In November I listened to this sermon from David Platt, and it impacted me deeply. He preached it the Sunday after the US Presidential election on November 3rd.

In light of the turmoil since the election, the increased polarization between political parties here in the US, and the upcoming Electoral College vote count on January 6, the word of God reminds us who God is. Are we putting our Presidential election (and other big events) in perspective?

My favorite quotes:

  • “The turnover rate of leadership in this world is 100%.”
  • “110 years from now, if Jesus hasn’t come back, 10 billion new people will be on the planet, and all 7 billion of us will be gone. But God will still be alive, and God will still be on the throne.
  • [from timestamp 25:10 of the video below, speaking of the Northern Lights] “Fear the God who creates that!”
  • “God is the President over the president. God is the Legislator over the legislators. Fear the One whose law governs the cosmos.

Be encouraged Christian: our sovereign God is in a class of His own and He is in control of all (good and bad) happening around us.

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